Ozones CLEAN PURE 250dpiClick for larger image.An ozonator helps sanitize hot tub water by destroying bacteria and viruses that may be present in the water. It also helps break down biodegradable materials to help keep the water pure, clear and with that "feel good" quality.  Read more about ozone sanitization systems.

Nordic offers 2 options for ozone sanitization.  

Our Nordic Clean™ is an electronic corona discharge ozonator. It converts oxygen to ozone, is more energy efficient than UV ozone generators and is lower in overall power consumption, heat generation and operating cost. It is available on all Nordic Hot Tub models.
Our Nordic PURE™ is a combination of ozone (O3) and UV-C technologies. This 3-step process has more sanitizing power, less hassle,and significantly reduces residual chlorine consumption to deliver the most advanced sanitation potential available. It is not available on Nordic's Bella™ or All-In-110V™ models.