Spa & Pool Store

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What makes the Spa & Pool Store in Edison, New Jersey special?  “It’s our experience and customer service!” states Jerry Mako, Retail Store Manager.  “The people in our key positions all have at least 20 years’ experience, so our knowledge base is vast!” he adds with genuine pride.

The Todd Harris Company, parent company for Spa & Pool Store, has been in business for over 30 years servicing both residential and large commercial customers. Beginning small by providing pool service out of his pickup truck, Todd Harris steadily built his company which, today, has 5 divisions and over 50 employees and regularly services accounts within Manhattan and surrounding areas. “We have a construction division, commercial division, and sauna and steam group!  We are a chemical distributor plus we sell pool supplies, hot tubs and chemicals through our retail division.”

Jerry feels that the internet and big box stores have impacted some sales. “If customers are shopping for price point alone, they’ll go to the internet or big box stores,” he says. “However, if they want personal service, knowledge or advice, they buy from us!”  Spa & Pool Store’s Sales Team is focused on making their customer service special. “We know our customers well and are able to troubleshoot most issues quickly. Because of our knowledge, we can custom tailor programs to fit customers’ individual needs.” Jerry adds.

Spa & Pool Store is a newer member of the Nordic Dealer Network, having joined early this year.  Jerry had heard about Nordic some years ago but didn’t bring the line in until recently.  He is pleased with his decision and states, “The thing I like most about Nordic’s is the value our customers get for their money.  I like to say they are a bulletproof hot tub because they don’t break! They have good quality control!” Jerry feels the exceptional quality control is the ‘little extra step’ Nordic takes which makes a huge difference in the reliability and value of the product.  “Oh, and the DTS™ (dual therapy system) sells itself!”

Jerry has this advice for other dealers, “Don’t go into the pool business!” he quips.  He adds quickly, “Just kidding! Seriously, though, try to do the little things for your customers.”   Jerry is convinced that listening to their clients is a huge part of how Spa & Pool Store has grown over the years.  “Listen to what they are telling you.  Positive or negative, just listen!  See what you can take away from it and grow from it.”

Nordic welcomes Spa & Pool Store to our Dealer Network!   Jerry Mako and the Spa & Pool Store Sales Team can be reached through the website or find them on Facebook.

      Spa and Pool Store LogoSpa and Pool Store NordicA Nordic Display at Spa & Pool Store located at 2 Sutton Place in Edison, New Jersey.
Spa and Pool Store DisplaySpa & Pool Store is the place to go for chemicals!


Aquatic Spas

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About 3 years ago, Doug Davidson was looking to purchase a hot tub.  Frustrated with the search, he decided to sell and service hot tubs on his own.  Working as a one-man operation, Doug opened Aquatic Spas of Florida.  Recently, he moved the business into a new showroom located at 1757 North Nova Road, Unit 102 in Holly Hill, Florida. Aquatic Spas is dedicated to selling hot tubs, chemicals and supplies along with providing maintenance and repair services to their customers.

Doug knows that customer service is the key to success for Aquatic Spas.  His customers appreciate that he is a small business and able to be very responsive to them.  "My thing is service,” says Doug. “I do it all, sell, service, deliver…everything! And, my customers don’t get a run-around!” he adds with a smile.  His customers agree as he has a 5 star rating along with very positive comments on both Facebook and Google Reviews

Currently, Doug is helping customers with the aftermath of hurricane Irma.  “The store had very little damage, just the power was out for a few days,” says Doug. However, while that was a relief for Doug, many of his customers didn’t fare as well.  He has been busy servicing and repairing hot tubs for customers whose hot tubs were damaged and flooded.  Even prior to hurricane Irma, Doug’s concern was for his customers' wellbeing.  As a service to them, he posted information on Aquatic Spas’ Facebook page to help his customers prepare their hot tubs for the coming storm.  The posts included practical tips on how to minimize damage and what to do after the storm if they sustained flooding or damage.

When asked what he finds most challenging in his business he responds quickly with, “Finding good help!”  He goes on to explain that his company is small and he likes it that way.  His focus is on hot tubs, building and maintaining the relationships with his customers without the distractions of a larger business.

In today’s business world, if you aren’t learning and growing, you are going backwards which is something Doug keeps in the forefront of his mind.  He is looking to expand his showroom to allow him to stock and display more hot tubs.  “I’ve also scheduled more education and training so I’m sure I’m up to speed on everything related to spas.”

Aquatic Spas became a Nordic Dealer Partner in February 2017.  Doug has been very happy with carrying the Nordic Hot Tub line.  “I really like their basic simplicity,” he states. “I sell it as nothing fancy but great quality!”  What also impresses him is the quality of construction and components Nordic uses. 

Doug works hard to build and maintain the relationships he has with his customers.  If he could share advice with other dealers, it is to keep learning.  “Know all about the products you sell but also about what others are selling.  You have to show your customers why your product is better.”

Nordic extends a warm welcome to Aquatic Spas and Doug Davidson as one of our newest Nordic Dealer Partners!  He can be reached through the website and on Facebook.

      Aquatic Logo SMAquatic Spas InstallationAn installation in progress by Aquatic Spas in Holly Hill, Florida.
Aquatic Spas ShowroomA recent trade show exhibit by Aquatic Spas.


Family Pools and Spas

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Family Pools in Ashland and Wooster, Ohio, is truly a ‘family’ business!

It all began when Ken Uhler’s mother needed a pool liner replaced. At the time, Ken and his wife, Pam, owned an excavating company and installed the liner for his mother.  Impressed with Ken’s work, the pool liner company asked if he would sell liners for them…and so it began! 

The Uhlers sold pools and liners out of their garage, eventually opening a store in Ashland, Ohio and a second location in Wooster. When Ken and Pam retired, their daughters, Mary Pheneger and Becky Macar took over. Currently, Mary manages the Ashland location and Becky manages the Wooster store.  Mary also serves as controller for the company.

As a full service pool and spa company they carry a full line of chemicals, pool toys and all necessary service and maintenance accessories.  Pheneger feels that what sets Family Pools apart is their professional knowledge base. “Our staff is very knowledgeable about the products we sell,” she states. “They are caring and go beyond just selling, they really know what they’re doing with the products.”

Over the years Pheneger has noticed an increase in internet competition.  She states, “The internet can cause us situations and can be a competitor.”  The way she overcomes these situations is by offering the best prices on the quality products they carry.  “It goes back to our knowledge base and our service,” she says with confidence. Pheneger knows that the internet can’t give the personalized attention her sales and service staff offer customers every day.

Selling pools and hot tubs is in Pheneger’s blood.  She is excited that this year has proven to be one of the best sales years for Family Pools. “We have had a great pre-sale for our sale coming up at the fair! We hope to continue the roll!” she says with a wide grin.

Family Pools has been a Nordic dealer partner for about 5 years and Pheneger is satisfied with their decision to bring the line in. “Nordic is good to work with and they make a quality product,” she states. “We have great success with their product and we love their support.”

What Pheneger has learned over the years at Family Pools is to enjoy what she does. “I’m happy to come to work!” she says.  Her advice to other dealers is to enjoy what you do, it is evident to customers.

Family Pools is hosting a Nordic Truckload Sale event this Thursday through Saturday, September 21 – 23, 2017.  Join her and the Family Pools Sales Team for great pricing on great hot tubs.

For more information contact them through the website or find them on Facebook.

      Family Pools LogoFamily Pools AshlandFamily Pools and Spas located at 
1672 Claremont Ave 
Ashland, Ohio.

Family Pools WoosterFamily Pools and Spas located at
4182 Burbank Rd E
Wooster, Ohio.