Aqua Pro Hot Tubs

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DJ and Michelle 2DJ & Michelle LearyDJ and Michelle Leary love what they do! As co-owners and the husband-and-wife team driving Aqua Pro Hot Tubs in St. Albans and Princeton, West Virginia, their enthusiasm shows!

They purchased the original store in Princeton in 2000 and in 2010 expanded to the 2nd location in St. Albans, which is the store Michelle manages.  Sherri Darby manages the Princeton store while DJ and Wes Westfall take care of all service and deliveries.

“We specialize in everything hot tubs at Aqua Pro.” states DJ.  “We sell them, deliver them, service them and stock supplies to keep our customers coming back.” Michelle knows that customers enjoy walking through their door, being greeted with a warm smile and called by name. The personal relationship is where both DJ and Michelle feel Aqua Pro excels.

Realizing that everyone wants to have the best product for the best price keeps DJ and Michelle vigilant with costs and pricing. However, as Michelle states, “We really don’t have to compete on price. When customers buy from Aqua Pro Hot Tubs, they get US! It’s a relationship.” Both DJ and Michelle feel that once the customer understands the difference in the quality of their product line and the value of the local, personal service, the sale is easy. “You can’t ship your tub to an internet store to get it serviced” states DJ.

DJ and Michelle have great expectations for 2017. They are looking forward to doing more outdoor events to increase their presence in the community.  “We realize there are a lot of people who want a hot tub but don’t make it into our showroom…for whatever reason.” said Michelle.  “So, we what to be where people already are!”

Aqua Pro Hot Tubs has had Nordic Hot Tubs on the showroom floor since 1999. “Something we really love about Nordic is what we also want customers to know about us...and that's the People!” said Michelle. The Learys feel they are working with friends at Nordic rather than being treated as just a number to a larger company. They also are very satisfied with Nordic's product line.  “Nordic meets us where we want to be…not the most expensive, not the cheapest but the BEST!” states DJ.

Michelle has the following advice for dealers. “Create an environment that people won’t get anywhere else. Make customers feel like they would make a mistake buying anywhere else or anything other than a Nordic!”  DJ agrees and adds, “We call our customers part of our family!”

Contact Aqua Pro Hot Tubs at the St. Albans location or at the Princeton location. Find them on Facebook

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Aqua Pro St Albans Storefront 1Aqua Pro Hot Tubs
St Albans, WV Location

Aqua Pro St Albans ShowroomAqua Pro Hot Tubs - St Albans Showroom
Aqua Pro Princeton Storefront 1Aqua Pro Hot Tubs
Princeton, WV Location

Aqua Pro Princeton ShowroomAqua Pro Hot Tubs -  Princeton Showroom
Aqua Pro Staff 2DJ (center) with his parents, Glen and Lillian.
Aqua_Pro_WV_InstallationAnother beautiful installation
by Aqua Pro Hot Tubs, West Virginia

Shoreline Hot Tubs and Saunas

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Bill JacquesWilliam JacquesShoreline Hot Tubs & Saunas was founded by William Jacques over 15 years ago.  Since opening its doors, the company has grown into 2 locations with one part-time and three full time employees ….all family members! The original location is at 557 Boston Post Road in Orange, Connecticut. The second location is also on Boston Post Road but is about 35 miles away in Westbrook. William is looking forward to adding a third location by the end of 2016. 

Limiting Shoreline’s focus to hot tubs, saunas and accessories allows William and his staff to be highly specialized in their knowledge and training. “It’s important to keep current on training for both you and your employees” said William. “Customers need to feel confident that you know what you’re talking about.”

Ask William what sets Shoreline Hot Tubs & Saunas apart from the competition and he is quick to respond, “Our deliveries and installs!” Shoreline personnel offer free, next-day, on-sight demo and training for the customer after the customer purchases a hot tub or sauna. “We give them a spa or sauna ‘school’ at their house, with their own hot tub or sauna” stated William.  He feels strongly that this has increased after-sale customer satisfaction. 

Nordic Products was added to Shoreline Hot Tubs’ product line about 10 years ago and William is very satisfied with his decision.  “Nordic has great customer service, great pricing along with excellent sales and technical support” he stated. “One call does it all!”

When asked what advice he would give to other dealers William said “Keep up the training – stay educated in the field! Your staff, sure…but also yourself as a business owner.  Keep up on technology!”

Contact Shoreline Hot Tubs and Saunas at the Orange Store or at the Westbrook Location.  Also, visit their Facebook Page!

      ShorelineFamily CroppedThe Shoreline Family (l to r): Bill, Tyler, Linda, William, Brittany, Brandon
WestbrookCroppedShoreline Hot Tubs & Saunas
Westbrook, CT Location

Shoreline Westbrook Interior 2Shoreline Hot Tubs & Saunas
Westbrook, CT Store Interior

Shoreline Orange Store 2Shoreline Hot Tubs & Saunas
Orange, CT Store

Shoreline Installed 2Installation by Shoreline Hot Tubs & Saunas

Johnson's Pools & Spas, LLC

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Johnson AudraAudra JohnsonSue and Arnie Johnson from Owego, New York had a dream.  Their dream was to build a pool and spa company so they could create beautiful backyard oases for customers in the Susquehanna River Valley. Today, Johnson’s Pools & Spas, LLC is run by the 2nd generation of the Johnson family, Eric and Audra Johnson.  “It’s still a family thing, because 11 of our employees are Johnson family members,” states Audra with a smile.

Customer relationships and personal service are what set Johnson’s Pools & Spas apart for the competition. “From the moment they [customers] walk through the door we begin that relationship,” says Audra. “I hand-write ‘Thank You’ notes to customers for visiting our store and for any purchase!”  To further assist and inform their customers, free seminars are held at the store on how to maintain and winterize hot tubs. “I hand-write the invitations for the seminars too so they have that personal touch,” adds Audra.

Five years ago, Johnson’s Pools & Spas added Nordic Hot Tubs to their showroom.  Audra has been pleased with the performance of the Nordic line.  She cites that there are few warranty issues and customers can see the great value at a competitive price. Another plus is that Nordic tubs are made in the USA and Audra loves the quick response she receives from the manufacturer.

Johnson’s Pools & Spas has weathered economic cycles, competition from internet pricing and personal tragedies within the family.  One of the most impacting events was the passing of Arnie Johnson in 2016. “It was a hard year without my dad,” admits Audra. “But, he taught us everything we know and we are strong!”

Last year was a good growth year for Johnson’s Pools & Spas and Audra feels that 2017 will be even better.  They expanded their product line to include outdoor kitchens and grills which allowed Johnson’s to offer a more complete backyard oasis package. Audra is also planning a number of shows which will capitalize on their product diversity and skills.

Audra has some well-seasoned advice for other dealers, “Develop the relationship with your customers as soon as they walk through the door! Know your demographic and change with the times!” 

Join Audra and the Johnson's Sales Team as they host a Nordic Truckload Sale Event, April 28 - 30, 2017 at their store location!

Johnson’s Pools & Spas can be contacted through the website or find them on Facebook.
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Johnsons ExteriorJohnson's Pools & Spas located at
1088 Route 434, Owego NY

Johnsons InteriorThe showroom floor

Johnson SeminarA hot tub seminar in progress.