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American Pools & Spas has been a family owned business since 1976 when Wayne and Betty Barr opened their first store in Springfield, South Carolina.  They started the business with the idea of giving customers the best in pools and pool supplies.  In 1991 they expanded into the West Columbia area by opening their store at 2225 Platt Springs Road. Since that time they have added top of the line products such as hot tubs, above and in-ground pools and chemicals. 

According to Kevin Davis, Sales and Marketing Manager for American Pools, the individualized customer attention is what sets American apart from the competition.  “We give individualized attention and problem solving in each and every scenario and we give that attention to one customer at a time”, states Davis.

One significant change Brian Wilkinson, General Manager of American Pools has seen of late is the increase in competition from internet sales. “It’s an ongoing battle,” says Wilkinson. “However, we have our niche of providing hands-on care and attending to individual needs.  In the age of the internet, being on a first name basis goes a long way in developing a relationship with your customer.” Davis agrees, stating, “We offer personalized warranty service with trained and certified technicians.  With online purchasing, that’s hit or miss!”

Davis is confident that 2017 will be a great year for American Pools and Spas.  He indicates they have already experienced great sales growth. He is excited about expansion plans which would increase the pool and hot tub display area. “We are looking at expanding and renovating our showroom later this year. This will allow us to show 7 – 8 hot tubs in addition to our pools.”

American Pools and Spas became a Nordic Dealer Partner in 2005.  Both Wilkinson and Davis feel this was a great addition to their product line. He states, “The S.T.A.R approach is still my favorite thing about Nordic.  Folks don’t like over-complicated stuff. The Simple, Therapeutic, Affordable and Reliable aspects of Nordic tubs makes them easy to sell.”

Davis offers this advice to other dealers, “Keep it simple. Don’t talk above your customers’ heads because they will pick up on that.  You don’t have to impress them with YOUR knowledge. The point is to figure out their needs!”

Kevin Davis, Brian Wilkinson and the American Pool and Spas Sales Team can be reached through the website.  They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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