Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards

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Nestled on the shore of Lake Huron, almost to the straits of Mackinac is Cheboygan, Michigan, home of Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards.

In 1994, Joe and Michelle Panik owned several businesses within the Cheboygan area, including a restaurant.  Seeing an opportunity for a new business direction they decided to purchase a hot tub store.  The Paniks sold their restaurant and opened Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards at 10402 N Straits Highway.

In addition to Rivertown, the Paniks own and operate Richendollars Stove and Fireplace.  Joe knows that in a less populated area, such as Northern Michigan, offering diverse product lines is the key to success. “We have unique specialty items that we service and sell,” states Joe.  “We’ve been a mainstay in Cheboygan for 23 years. That has to say something!”

While the 2008 economic climate was harsh, the Paniks’ businesses survived and came through stronger than before. “We stayed steady through the recession,” says Joe.  “The thing is, we don’t floorplan our stock, we own everything.  And, we are one of the few left standing!”

In Northern Michigan, weather plays a big factor in the business climate.  From all indications, Panik feels that 2017 is going to be even stronger than last year for Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards. “If we can get Mother Nature to co-operate,” he says with a grin.

Another factor that has kept Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards strong is their work ethic.  Panik knows that treating his customers with honesty and being responsive to their needs makes him a ‘go to’ business. “People talk” states Panik. “Word gets around fast in this area.” Going the extra mile for his customers has given Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards a solid reputation within the community.

Rusty Hendges, Sales Manager of the Great Lakes Region for Nordic Hot Tubs is pleased with Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards performance with Nordic.  He states,“Joe and Michelle are wonderful people.  They have a great business with a variety of products.  They do very well for us in the Cheboygan area.”

Around 2003 Panik brought Nordic Hot Tubs into their product line up and he has been happy with that decision. “Nordic hot tubs are practical tubs. In my opinion, they are the best tub for the money” states Panik. “They don’t go crazy with frills…they’re just good, solid tubs.” Panik likes the fact that Nordic Hot Tubs are made in Michigan.  He also states that Nordic is a ‘practical and personable’ company to work with.  “Early on, Maurizio [owner of Nordic Hot Tubs] even stayed with us up here when he was on the road.  We’re friends and that means a lot to us.”

Joe and Michelle have this advice for other dealers, “Stay steady, stay honest. People are savvy customers – they don’t fall for all the gimmicks.”  With the longevity of their businesses in a small town, that model works extremely well for Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards.

To contact Joe, Michelle and the Rivertown Sales Team, follow this link to the website or, find them on Facebook.
      Rivertown LogoRivertown StorefrontRivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards, located at 10402 N Straits Highway,
Cheboygan, MI.

Rivertown Nordic DisplayA great Nordic Display at Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards.
Rivertown Esc InstallA beautiful installation by
Rivertown Spas, Pools and Billiards.