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Nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains is Sevierville, Tennessee, home to Tennessee Hot Tubs.  Founded in 1994 by Billy and Lynda Scott, their focus is on selling hot tubs, chemicals and supplies. 

The Scotts have a rather interesting story about how they came to open a hot tub store in Sevierville.  “We moved down from Michigan and left our hot tub back up North,” states Lynda. There wasn’t a hot tub dealer in the area at the time so they both quit their day jobs and opened a hot tub store.

Lynda knows what sets Tennessee Hot Tubs apart from the competition is that they are a reliable company. “We do what we say we’re going to do and we do it right away!” says Lynda. “Plus, we’ve been here for a long time, people know us.”

If Lynda can say there are any obstacles they have had to overcome it would be delivering hot tubs in the mountains! “We’re putting hot tubs on 60 to 70 foot high decks and hanging off cliffs!” she states with a grin.  However, she and Billy learned early on how to wrangle hot tubs up the hills to install them for the most magnificent mountain views.

The Scotts are excited about 2017.  “You know we had the forest fires up here late last year,” says Lynda. “It was awful but the town is rebuilding and getting back on track.” Although the fires stopped on the other side of the hill from the Tennessee Hot Tubs store, the Scotts are very aware of the damage that their friends and neighbors sustained. They are looking forward to a strong year as they help the resorts and homeowners rebuild and restore their properties.

In 2015 the Scotts decided to bring Nordic Hot Tubs into their showroom. It was a decision Lynda is happy she made.  “Their quality is great and I like the fact they are made in Michigan, which is my home state!” she says with a chuckle. Lynda is also happy that Nordic stands behind its products with a great service department and an industry leading warranty. Currently the Scott’s son, Mitchell, is deployed in Kuwait with the US Army, so the fact that Nordic Hot Tubs are made in the USA is an additional point of pride for them.

What advice would she give to other dealers? “RUN!” Lynda quips with a laugh. “No, really, just be yourself and people will respect that. Also, don’t sell junk just to make money, sell quality products and know your products.”  It’s that philosophy which has kept the Scotts working steadily and happily for 23 years. “I LOVE to come to work every day because I love what I do,” exclaims Lynda.  Good advice!

Lynda and Billy Scott can be contacted through the website.
      TennesseeHT StoreTennessee Hot Tubs is located at
1394 Dolly Parton Parkway
Sevierville, Tennessee.