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Richard and Jill Goode started working together soon after they met in 1982.  Richard had already built a successful stone masonry business so, when they moved to the mountains of Georgia, they continued working with stone and specialty decking for homeowners and contractors.   The hard physical labor was an everyday strain on their bodies, and though skilled with plenty of work, they had a vision to create another business that would complement their stone work.

In a twist of fate, a client paid the Goodes for stone work with a hot tub, which they promptly fixed up and installed on their deck at home.   The relief it brought them after the hard day’s work was something they agreed everyone should enjoy.    According to Shannon Patterson, Accounting Manager and Sales person for Spa and Deck Creations, “They saw a great opportunity there and decided to start selling hot tubs.”

The original location in Blairsville, Georgia started out small.  The Goodes grew their business carefully, strategically opening their second location in Blue Ridge, Georgia in 2002 when they knew the timing was right.  Patterson is proud to be part of the success of Spa and Deck Creations. She states, “We now hold the hot tub market in the Georgia, Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee Tri-state area!”

Professionalism is a key ingredient in the Goodes’ recipe for success.  Patterson states, “We are a dependable company and we stress professionalism.”  This carries a lot of weight with their customers, both new and returning.  “We also know consistent store hours are important,” states Patterson. “Customers know they’ll get served when they need us.” 

Another way in which Spa and Deck Creations helps its customers is by servicing every hot tub and every brand.  “Whether we sold it or not, we’ll service it!” says Patterson.  Their service department is well- trained and certified in all types of service and repair making them respected and in high demand.  “We know that good service people are hard to find so, we invest in our techs by providing training and education,” states Patterson.  They are very proud of their service and delivery people and office staff.

The bar is set high for 2017 according to Patterson. “We are working hard to go on the Italy Trip with Nordic!” she says with a grin. “Our goals are to increase our sales incentives to reach our major goals. We like the challenge!”  With determination as strong as Patterson’s, there is little doubt they will be touring the Italian countryside in October!  She said she would send postcards…

One of Patterson’s favorite things about Nordic Hot Tubs is their powerful jet massage. She likes the way Nordic balances the jet to pump output to maximize the DTS™.  “Plus, we don’t have to work on Nordic tubs often,” states Patterson. “They hold up very well!”

Patterson has this advice for other dealers, “It’s a great business to be in.  It’s not easy but if you love what you do it’s great!”  Patterson refers back to the professionalism Spa and Deck Creations is known for when she states, “You need to learn and know your products. We’ve seen dealers come and go but if you know what you are doing, you’ll stay!”

Patterson and the Spa and Deck Sales Team can be reached through the website or find them on Facebook.  They also have Twitter and Instagram.

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