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Cozy Cabin Rustics is one of those 'American Dream' success stories. 

Thirteen years ago, Arthur Card began selling locally handmade, rustic furniture in and around the Plymouth, New Hampshire area.  The fact that he didn’t have a permanent location did not deter him from his vision.  The products he sold were niche market products and he was very successful selling from trailers, out of storage containers and at art and craft fairs.

In 2004, he purchased the vacant Sears building located at 742 Tenney Mountain Highway in Plymouth, New Hampshire, settled down and opened shop.   Seven years later he opened a 2nd location in Meredith, New Hampshire.  Then, in 2015 he opened a 3rd location in Tilton but is in the process of consolidating that into his newest store, acquired January 2017, in Lincoln, New Hampshire. 

John Cameron, General Manager of Cozy Cabin Rustics, enjoys selling to a niche market.  He states, “What I like most about Cozy Cabin Rustics is that we sell full-fledged into our market.  It’s all handmade and…well…rustic!” The 80 artisans they represent make hand-crafted, unique one-of-a-kind furniture and art. He feels Nordic Hot Tubs fit well in that niche with its product simplicity, quality and reliability.

So, how did Cozy Cabin Rustics begin selling hot tubs?  According to Cameron, he came up with the idea of carrying Nordic Hot Tubs because he wanted a hot tub for his personal use.   He then pitched the idea to Arthur Card. “I’m one of those researcher people,” states Cameron. “I did the research, liked what Nordic had to offer and Arthur gave the ok!”  It was late fall of 2016 when they took their first delivery of Nordic Hot Tubs. 

One of the biggest challenges Cozy Cabin Rustics faced has been the transition from selling out of trailers into selling from permanent showrooms.  The logistics and mind-set is different from being mobile to becoming stationary. However, Cameron and Card have found that multiple locations work well for their business.  “We currently have 4 locations but are in the process of closing the Tilton location because we opened the Lincoln store in January of this year,” says Cameron. “We should be completely moved in June.”

The current year has already proven to be a great sales year and Cameron anticipates the trend continuing. “We have a strong product line at present,” he states. “In fact we are selling hot tubs before we can even get the displays set up! We’ve put out the signs and have already sold the inventory!”

As Cameron was researching hot tub lines to bring into the stores, what impressed him about Nordic Hot Tubs was the simplicity and energy efficiency.  “I was looking for hot tubs specifically manufactured for colder climates and Nordic stood out.” He relates this story about his own Nordic Hot Tub, “This past winter our power was out for 3 days!  And it was cold! When the power came back on, I lifted the lid on my tub and it was still at 84°! After 3 DAYS!”  That was proof enough for Cameron as he says, “I’m sold on it!”

Cameron offers this advice to other Nordic Dealers, “It’s a lot easier if you own the product. You aren’t really selling; you’re telling your story based on your experience with the product.  It’s not just a sales pitch then.”

Cozy Cabin Rustics will be hosting a Nordic Truckload Sale from Friday, June 2 through Sunday, June 5, 2017at the Plymouth, New Hampshire location. Join Card, Cameron and Cozy Cabin Rustics’ Sales Team for some great deals on Nordic Hot Tubs!

Cozy Cabin Rustics can be contacted through the website or find them on Facebook!
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