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Located about 42 minutes East of Philadelphia, is Coatesville, Pennsylvania home to Gritz Pools.  Founded by Henry Gritz in 1963, Gritz Pools has been building in-ground vinyl pools for satisfied customers in and around Coatesville for over 54 years!

When Henry retired in 1984, his son, Mark took over.  Mark had a different vision for the business and embarked on a steady process of updating and streamlining processes.  Henry had built a solid reputation for the business with quality, hand-built products and workmanship.  Mark felt strongly about continuing the tradition but, with a few modifications. 

Mark researched heavily, upgraded suppliers and brought in lines of hot tubs and equipment to round out the inventory.  Currently, Gritz Pools builds in-ground vinyl liner pools, installs outdoor showers, performs pool demolitions and provides pool water delivery.  They sell and install hot tubs along with offering a complete line of chemicals, components and equipment needed by pool and hot tub owners.

What sets Gritz Pools apart is the personal service they offer their customers.  According to Pati Sweitzer, Marketing Manager at Gritz Pools, “Even for something as simple as chemicals, our staff will help them carry the products to their car and we know our customers by name.”  She goes on to add, “This is one reason why our customers are always recommending us, personal service.  We continue to be a family owned and operated business.”

Gritz Pools weathered the recession in 2009 by continuing to build quality pools and offer prompt, reliable service.  Sweitzer states, “The recession brought luxury purchases down a lot but we feel they are coming back strong.  We hung in there and our spa sales are up 70% this year alone!”

Listening to their customers’ requests has Gritz Pools looking to expand the service aspect of their business.  “We get a lot of requests from customers to clean and maintain their pools and hot tubs,” says Sweitzer. “At present, with around 12 employees, we don’t have the staff to do it.” However, Mark’s daughter, Erica, would like to add this type of service and is in the planning stages of setting this up. “We just don’t want to jump in and not offer the service they [customers] know and have come to expect,” states Sweitzer.  She adds that as they continue to increase sales, they are working to be able to give customers that ‘peace of mind’ maintenance option long after the sale.

Gritz Pools attended the Atlantic City Show held in January of this year to look for a line of hot tubs to add to their inventory.  According to Sweitzer, “We liked the Nordic Story and the fact they are made in the USA,” says Sweitzer. She goes on to say, “We heard they were simple to operate and easy to maintain so we decided to bring them in. We’ll let you know more in a year!”  Sweitzer indicates they are extremely pleased so far.

Sweitzer has this advice for other dealers, “Let customers know they are appreciated!”  To do this, Gritz Pools has a large Customer Appreciation Event twice yearly. But, as Sweitzer says, “that isn’t the only way to show customers they are valued.”  Sweitzer feels that customer appreciation is shown daily and in responding timely to customer requests. “Our pool business is very seasonal here, just a few months out of the year. So, when they need things done or fixed we try to respond ASAP!” states Sweitzer.

Contact Gritz Pools and the Gritz Sales Team through the website or find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
      Gritz LogoGritz InteriorA view of Gritz Pools' showroom in
Coatesville, PA.

Gritz showroom2A Nordic Impulse DP beautifully displayed by Gritz Pools.

Gritz Chem store1Gritz Pools offers a full range of chemicals and equipment to maintain pools and hot tubs.