What is the R Value?

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R Value

is a measure of the capacity of a material, such as insulation, to impede heat flow, with increasing values indicating a greater capacity. A R value of 6 holds heat better than a R value of 1. If you live in Montana the recommended R value for your home should be 6 compared to an R value of 3 if you live in Georgia.

Typical R Value for Nordic Hot Tubs:


R Value

Standard Insulation Package


Title 20 Upgrade


The Title 20 option has its origins from the State of California.

It is a requirement for improved energy efficiency (aka better insulation). For this upgrade, your tub is built with standard insulation, then we attach a vinyl backed insulation on the inside of the cabinet.

Customers have indicated the savings could be as great as $0.50 per day in electricity. Although the actual savings is based on quite a number of variables it is possible the Title 20 insulation upgrade could pay for itself within 12 months.

Hot Tub Cover R Value

The typical cover is 1.5 lb. density foam and with the vinyl cover, the R Value is 7.55.

Typical R Values for Homes across the U.S.


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