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Stainless Steel Banding

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110V ALL IN Crown XLStainless steel banding gives Nordic Hot Tubs an elegant style with a retro-modern twist. The stainless steel bands look great on our natural cedar or contrast beautifully against the Permawood™ cabinets. Whether you want old world charm or a modern aesthetic, the stainless steel banding is a great option to choose!


WarriorXL SSBands Cropped1334

Indiana Farmer Saves a Baby Cow with a Nordic Hot Tub

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A Carrol County farmer took matters into his own hands to help save the life a baby cow.

If you watch the video, you will notice the hot tub is from Nordic Hot Tubs.

We searched the American Veterinary Medical Association website for "hot tub" and there were no articles, but that did not stop this well-meaning farmer.

Preparing your Hot Tub for Winter

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Warrior-Round-Tub-Snowball-fight-430x297We recommend you keep using it through Winter!  Enjoy the falling snow while sitting in a hot tub.

But if you decide to close the spa for Winter, follow these steps:
  • Add a degreaser to the water for about 24 hours prior to draining.
  • Remove all hot tub water
  • Remvove the filter from the skimmer and clean the area well
  • Use a recommended filter cleaner and soak the filter in a bucket
  • Clean the cartridge and be sure to remove any debris
  • Once again, use a wet-vac to remove any remaining water
  • Clean all the surfaces
  • Release all the plugs and open the drain
  • Turn off all power and unplug the spa
  • Place the cover back on - be sure to lock it
Now your tub is ready for the Winter months.

Add a Cover Lifter

cover-rx-imageIf you have never owned a cover lift system now is the time to be thinking about one.  Most Nordic Hot Tub owners do a last drain and fill prior to the winter, this is a good time to purchase and install a cover lifter. 

The lifter will make life much easier in winter by allowing the cover to open, lift up and hang in place on the back side of the tub.  No fighting to set it to the side and no struggling to get it back on. 

We recommend the Cover RX by Cover Valet, this model has a plate that slides under the tub and requires no attaching to the cabinet.

Starting up your new Hot Tub

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Stella-folded-handsStart Up

With your Nordic Hot Tub in its factory setting, begin with start up.  Be sure to read your owner's manual before proceeding:
  1. Turn off all electrical power to the equipment at the circuit breaker
  2. Be sure the hot tub's gate valves are open
  3. Be sure that the drain valve is closed. Otherwise it will take forever to fill - literally.
  4. Clean inside the Hot Tub with a mild, non-abrasive, non-foaming cleaner.
  5. Check the filter - ensure a proper fitting.
  6. With a hose, fill hot tub with clean cold water to level specified in owner's manual. IMPORTANT: A low water level can damage the pump and heater element.
  7. Be sure to open the equipment door and check for any leaks around union fittings. Tighten if necessary.
  8. Turn on power at the circuit breaker.
  9. Set the hot tub's controls per the manual.
  10. Balance your water chemistry.


The tub may take 7 to 9 hours to heat depending upon the amount of water and the ambient temperature. When the tub reaches temperature, jump in an ENJOY!!

Where do I place the Hot Tub at home?

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Choosing the Hot Tub Or Spa Site

Whether indoors or outdoors, the placement of a hot tub or spa is a very personal decision.  You need to based the placement on your intended use and the features of your home / property.

Create a special area if you have scenic view of a secluded grove of trees; the Hot Tub will enhance this location.  If you are placing it indoors, be sure you have a large enough space (remember the service areas).  If you need ot expand an existing room, it may cost a few more dollars, but it will add to the value of your home.

Hot Tubs and Work Outs.

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When is it best to soak in my Nordic Hot Tub?


Before or after a workout?

Timing is everything for hot tub relief after exercise.

When your heart returns to a normal rate and after your temperature is lower (less or no sweating) it is time to spend time in the hot tub.  This can reduce your pain and improve your range of motion.

You may want to follow this schedule:

Personal Spa Treatment

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For centuries, people have travelled many miles to soak in heated waters and natural springs.

Hot tubs bring the comfort and restorative powers of heated, pulsating water jets to homeowners. Today's hot tubs are and swim spas utilize adnaced technology to improve the quality of your life at home.

Hot Tub Weight Loss

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Can you lose weight in a hot tub?

Fat, no. But you sweat in a hot tub. You just don't notice because you are in the water.  So any weight loss is water weight.

We recommend for the Best Hot Tub on the Market for Weight loss (a Nordic of course), the temperature setting should not be above 105 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you are drinking beverages in the tub, the net is zero - as far as water weight.
If those beverages have carbs - a definite no.


Hot Tub Tax Deduction

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 Claiming a tax deduction for your Hot Tub:

The IRS stated in its opinion letter Index No.: 213.05-00, " Section 213(a) allows as a [tax] deduction the expenses paid during the taxable year for medical care of the taxpayer, spouse, or dependent. Under § 213(d)(1)(A), an expense is for 'medical care' if its primary purpose is the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.   Notice the words "primary purpose".  Because a hot tub or spa is of a particularly personal nature, you must establish that your hot tub is "primarily" for the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease before you can deduct the cost of your hot tub on your tax return.  You may be able to claim your hot tub as a tax deduction even though you also derive pleasure from it and even though someone else such as your spouse may use the spa, as long as you are buying the hot tub or spa primarily to relieve pain due to an injury or disease.

You can also claim a deduction for the hot tub as a capital expense even if it is an improvement to your home.  Click here to read the IRS information.

Historical Facts About Hot Tubs

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More Hot Tub History...

    • The word SPA - "medicinal or mineral spring," 1626, from name of health resort in eastern Belgium, known since 14c., that featured mineral springs believed to have curative properties. The place name is from Walloon espa "spring, fountain."
    • Verse 2 of Genesis speaks of water - "Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters."
    • Franklin D. Roosevelt received therapeutic baths and muscle treatments for his debilitating pain of polio during his administration from 1933-1945.
    • The first wooden hot tubs began to appear in the 1960's in California. Inspired by the Japanese ofuru, these early prototypes were still made from used oak barrels, wine tanks and olive vats from nearby wineries.

    The History of Hot Tubs

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    History-of-Hot-tubbing-is-thousands-of-years-oldHot Tub History

    The history of hot tubs and spas can be traced back before recorded history when early man made use of the earth's natural hot springs. Hot springs fed streams and pools, which were used for warmth and natural treatment by early man. Native Americans, were well aware of the healing properties of natural hot springs.

    As early as 2000 B.C., ancient Egyptians used hot baths for therapeutic value.  As early as 600 B.C., Phraortes (King of Media [ancient Persia]) built one of the first known hot tubs.

    The great philosophers of Greece (Plato, Hippocrates and others) make mention of the therapeutic value of water. Grecians were known to have built structures around hot springs.

    Are there health benefits to hot tubs?

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    When you think relaxation - you can think of a hot tub.hands-in-the-waterThere are many benefits to sitting in an hot tub.  You don't need a research study to understand the health benefits to a good soak in a spa. 

    Headaches, Stress, and Sleep

    A hot tub can stimulate the release of our stress reducing endorphins. A hot tub’s hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels to help prevent headaches. And when it comes to falling asleep faster and getting a deep night's sleep, the National Sleep Foundation clearly states, "soaking in hot water, such as a hot tub or bath, before retiring to bed can ease the transition into a deeper sleep." 

    What is Balneotherapy?

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    From the Latin word balneum or "bath"

    bubbles-thinYou don't need a study, or research grant to prove that taking a nice hot bath sooths and calms.  But if you want a fancy word for bath therapy use: Balneotherapy. 

    Now you can tell your husband or wife that you need at least an hour of Balneotherapy after a hard day at work. 

    Or you can read about the benefits of balneotherapy from the National Institute of Health (NIH) - see below.


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    Just the word can trigger a physical response! 

    What causes stress in your life? How do you deal with it?  Are you a fighter or a flighter?

    The bad news is we all have stress to some degree and, if we haven’t learned to manage it, the toll on our health can be significant.

    The good news is there are relatively simple things you can do to help manage how stress affects you, your life and wellbeing.

    April is National Stress Awareness Month.  You’re probably saying, “I’m already aware of my stress!”  Well, that’s a good thing!  The first step is awareness.  It’s the second step that is a bit harder…making changes to your lifestyle that will reduce your stress levels.

    A simply great way to help reduce stress is to relax in a hot tub!  

    Hydrotherapy dates back to ancient Greece but it was the Romans who popularized soaking in hot baths.  Today’s hot tubs are much more sophisticated in their approach to hot water therapy but, the results are still the same…stress relief!

    For more practical tips on how to deal with stress, follow this link!

    About Arthritis and Whirlpool Therapy

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    The definition of arthritis is: "joint inflammation."

    Arthritis (from Greek arthro-, joint + -itis, inflammation; plural: arthritides) is a group of conditions involving damage to the joints of the body.

    You know it hurts. You should know that there are different types - and there are more natural ways to ease the pain. Now lets learn a bit more.

    Types of Arthritis:

    What is Hydrotherapy?

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    Simply, it is using water to revitalize and restore health.

    Hydrotherapy is the use of water to revitalize, maintain, and restore health. When we think of hydrotherapy, we typically envision whirlpools, spas, hot tubs, saunas, steam baths, foot baths and hot water compresses. Water healing is one of the oldest, least expensive and safest ways to treat many ailments.

    Benefits of Hydrotherapy:  Increased Flexibility • Reduced Stress • Improved Circulation • Relaxation

    You know how you feel after soaking in a tub of hot water. Add the whirlpool, the jets (DTS) and it is perfect after a stress filled day.

    Fibromyalgia Cost Alternative

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    You can spend thousands of dollars on natural, or pharmaceutical treatments for Fibromyalgia.

    Today we look to the drug manufacturers to cure our ills when often times their solution is only symptom relief. Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions. Little is known about the cause and less is known about a cure.

    Although the advertising for Fibromyalgia prescription drugs is new, the condition is not new. There are many names for this condition given all around the world and over hundreds of years of medicine. There is a tremendous controversy over its existence, and even more over it’s criteria for diagnosis. Our aging population is seeing more of this condition and their basic symptoms. Being concerned about drug costs leads one to want to spend your dollars of specific remedies with overall health benefits.

    Read more about the costs for symptom relief and an alternative that has few - if any - side effects - a Nordic Hot Tub:

    Fibromyalgia Hot Tub Treatment

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    Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition of overall pain and may make it difficult to work or to perform your normal activities.

    man-woman-relaxing-2Fibromyalgia symptoms vary and the underlying causes are not well understood. Some of the symptoms include:
    • Pain and Stiffness
    • Fatigue
    • Poor Circulation
    • Digestive Troubles
    • Irritable Bowel / Bladder
    In all cases, health care providers recommend basic fibromyalgia treatment by working on flexibility and improving blood flow - prime effects from soaking in a Whirlpool and Hot Tub. 

    Circulation, Stress & Flexibility

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    Soaking in a hot tub is a well established treatment for many ailments.

    Many health care providers recommend the following for maladies and conditions that are both chronic and acute:
    • Improve Circulation
    • Reduce Stress
    • Increase Flexibility
    If you look at any body of medical literature or research, one of the most common recommendation is to Reduce Stress. How many times to you hear about a practitioner suggesting you improve your life habits and eliminate stress for: heart ailments, arthritis, fibromyalgia, head aches, migraines, nervous disorders, tinnitus, and general anxiety.

    You can learn more by searching these key words:
    • anxiety disorders
    • stress induced health issues
    • reducing stress naturally
    • fibromyalgia and stress
    • arthritis and relaxation
    • common anxiety treatments
    • non-drug treatment for stress
    • low cost stress reduction

    Health Benefits of Hot Tubs

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    lifestyle-nordic-hot-tubs-2011-therapyHot tubbing is a wonderful way to enjoy the afternoon or evening with a friends and family or may be a romantic interlude with your husband or wife. You may be surprised to know, however, that hot tubs are prescribed to people suffering from a number of ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure because a hot tub can have a wonderful effect on your health.

    Physical Benefits

    Sitting in a whirlpool or hot tub is essentially Hydrotherapy for the whole body. The jets and warm moving water helps remove tension from muscles and moves your whole body into a state of relaxation. This complete immersion increases circulation throughout the body and helps to detoxify the body.

    Treating Back Pain Naturally

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    Pain in the Neck? or Back?

    There are a number of different ways you can treat your back pain naturally: vitamins, minerals, herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy medicine, and home hydrotherapy.

    Some will help heal your back pain and others are dangerous, so it's best to consult with a physician or nurse practitioner before taking anything and never, ever exceed recommended dosages.

    The FDA has no control over natural supplements, so it does not recommend them.

    Circulation Problems

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    Problems with Circulation

    Circulatory system problems arise when there is limited blood flow to the legs, hands, heart and rest of the body. The blood vessels become blocked as a fatty substance called plaque builds up and hardens and constricts the walls of the arteries and veins. This interrupts the normal flow of blood through the vessels and results in poor circulation.

    A variety of conditions can be brought on by poor circulation such as high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, varicose veins, peripheral artery disease, heart disease, kidney damage, aneurysms, arteriosclerosis, Raynaud’s disease and phlebitis.

    Back Pain Relief

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    Tips to help relieve your back pain

    Back-Pain-Relief-in-a-Hot-Tub-from-NordicChronic back pain can come from an injury, a disorder, or from aging:  muscle strain or spasm, sprains of ligaments (attaches bone to bone), joint problems or a "slipped disk."  Of all problems, the most common cause for back pain is using your back muscles in activities you're not used to, lifting something heavy or maybe yard work.

    "We believe Nordic has the Best Hot Tubs for Back pain on the market today."

    An aching back nags what ever you do. Your back moves when you walk, sit, stand and breathe, so what ever you do seems to aggravate the pain in your back. The most common area of the back is lower back pain and then pain in the shoulders and neck.

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