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Fibromyalgia Cost Alternative

Posted in Health Benefits


You can spend thousands of dollars on natural, or pharmaceutical treatments for Fibromyalgia.

Today we look to the drug manufacturers to cure our ills when often times their solution is only symptom relief. Fibromyalgia is one of those conditions. Little is known about the cause and less is known about a cure.

Although the advertising for Fibromyalgia prescription drugs is new, the condition is not new. There are many names for this condition given all around the world and over hundreds of years of medicine. There is a tremendous controversy over its existence, and even more over it’s criteria for diagnosis. Our aging population is seeing more of this condition and their basic symptoms. Being concerned about drug costs leads one to want to spend your dollars of specific remedies with overall health benefits.

Read more about the costs for symptom relief and an alternative that has few - if any - side effects - a Nordic Hot Tub:

Below are the typical costs for treating Fibromyalgia with pills:

Dose Cost for
30 Days
Savella 50mg $122
Cymbalta 60mg $128
Lyrica 150mg $150
Vitalzym 3 Cap/day $50

Most agree that treatment and relief can be accomplished with heat therapy. What a better way to reduce stress and relieve muscle pain than with a hot tub from Nordic.

If you amortize the cost of a hot tub over five years for an Hot Tub,

you are looking at only  $72.67 per month.

Monthly Cost for an Hot Tub

Hot Tub Cost $3,692
Term to Amortize
60 Months
(but it will last many more years)

Interest Rate 6.75%
Cost Per Month $72.67