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Just the word can trigger a physical response! 

What causes stress in your life? How do you deal with it?  Are you a fighter or a flighter?

The bad news is we all have stress to some degree and, if we haven’t learned to manage it, the toll on our health can be significant.

The good news is there are relatively simple things you can do to help manage how stress affects you, your life and wellbeing.

April is National Stress Awareness Month.  You’re probably saying, “I’m already aware of my stress!”  Well, that’s a good thing!  The first step is awareness.  It’s the second step that is a bit harder…making changes to your lifestyle that will reduce your stress levels.

A simply great way to help reduce stress is to relax in a hot tub!  

Hydrotherapy dates back to ancient Greece but it was the Romans who popularized soaking in hot baths.  Today’s hot tubs are much more sophisticated in their approach to hot water therapy but, the results are still the same…stress relief!

For more practical tips on how to deal with stress, follow this link!