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Can Diabetics Use Hot Tubs?

Posted in Health Benefits

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Can diabetics benefit from hot tubs?

The short answer is, yes. There are studies that have seen encouraging results in diabetics after hot tub usage. Follow this link to one of the studies. 

However, there may be special circumstances depending on which type of diabetes you have or if you have other underlying health issues.  As always, we strongly encourage you to talk to your doctor before 'jumping in' so to speak.

But how can a hot tub help diabetics? 

The stress relief and improved circulation can be beneficial but there are additional considerations for diabetics. Our friends at Swim University have written a great article on this subject.  Click here for the article.

 Health Benefits is a series of blog posts to provide Nordic Hot Tub Owners with information about how their Nordic Hot Tub can benefit their health.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive health guide nor can it be regarded in any way as health advice or a diagnosis.  If you have health questions, contact your physician or a trained health professional.