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The History of Hot Tubs

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History-of-Hot-tubbing-is-thousands-of-years-oldHot Tub History

The history of hot tubs and spas can be traced back before recorded history when early man made use of the earth's natural hot springs. Hot springs fed streams and pools, which were used for warmth and natural treatment by early man. Native Americans, were well aware of the healing properties of natural hot springs.

As early as 2000 B.C., ancient Egyptians used hot baths for therapeutic value.  As early as 600 B.C., Phraortes (King of Media [ancient Persia]) built one of the first known hot tubs.

The great philosophers of Greece (Plato, Hippocrates and others) make mention of the therapeutic value of water. Grecians were known to have built structures around hot springs.

Asian culture from Japan to China revered the healing power of water. The Japanese even have a saying, known as Mizu-no-Kokoro (Mind Like Water), which refers to the peaceful state at which the spirit can find, producing a feeling of passive resistance. Those who possess Mind Like Water are in harmony with all beings.

The Roman Empire made use of the earth's natural hot springs by constructing a stone chamber and temple around this hot spring some time before the second century A.D. Eventually, the Roman hot baths of present day Bath, England culminated into a large complex with multiple hot tubs and bathing areas.

In the late 1500s, Queen Elizabeth 1 visited the mineral waters of Bath, England.

By the mid 1900s, the first true hot tubs were built using wine and olive tanks and water troughs. As you know, modern day hot tubs range from modified bath tubs to complex ceramic and concrete, pool-side wonders.

In the United States, Native Americans sought the health benefits from natural springs.  Before European settlers arrived, evidence can be found that these natural springs were used for religious purposes. One of the oldest spas in North American colonies is believed to have be in Berkeley Springs of West Virginia.

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