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Where do I place the Hot Tub at home?

Posted in Hot Tubs

Choosing the Hot Tub Or Spa Site

Whether indoors or outdoors, the placement of a hot tub or spa is a very personal decision.  You need to based the placement on your intended use and the features of your home / property.

Create a special area if you have scenic view of a secluded grove of trees; the Hot Tub will enhance this location.  If you are placing it indoors, be sure you have a large enough space (remember the service areas).  If you need ot expand an existing room, it may cost a few more dollars, but it will add to the value of your home.

If you already have a swimming pool, place the Hot Tub in a location that will make use of existing plumbing and heating equipment.

As for a portable spa site (like the Plug N Play Series), remember you can move a portable Hot Tub around to suit your needs, as long as the floor, deck or ground can support its weight and utilities are accessible.

Support Equipment

The hot tub support system includes everything required to circulate, filter and heat the water. The system consists of a water pump, filter, water heater, air blower and the plumbing and hardware necessary to hook them up.

The pump circulates the water through the system through hydrotherapy jets, commonly called "hydrojets." The filter helps keep the water clean by removing minute particles of dirt, debris and algae.