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Installing a Hot Tub on your Deck

Posted in Hot Tubs

Deck JoistsConsult with a building contractor or structural engineer to ensure safety.First, consult with a qualified building contractor or structural engineer before placing your hot tub on an elevated deck. You want to make sure your deck structure is strong enough to bear the weight of your filled hot tub.  

Second, give the contractor your tub specifications which will include the dry weight and the water capacity of the hot tub.  Nordic provides all the necessary specifications for each tub both on our website and in the owners manual for each hot tub.  Don't forget to add the weight of the people that will be enjoying the hot tub!

Your deck design is limited only by your imagination. Placing your hot tub on top of the deck is the easiest installation.  This also provides quick access for servicing components!

However, if you want to install your hot tub below the deck or build a custom deck around it, make sure to inform the contractor you will need to have unrestricted access to the access panel for service.

STO 8705 Rnd Tub on Dock Lighter SM