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Preparing your Hot Tub for Winter

Posted in Hot Tubs

Warrior-Round-Tub-Snowball-fight-430x297We recommend you keep using it through Winter!  Enjoy the falling snow while sitting in a hot tub.

But if you decide to close the spa for Winter, follow these steps:
  • Add a degreaser to the water for about 24 hours prior to draining.
  • Remove all hot tub water
  • Remvove the filter from the skimmer and clean the area well
  • Use a recommended filter cleaner and soak the filter in a bucket
  • Clean the cartridge and be sure to remove any debris
  • Once again, use a wet-vac to remove any remaining water
  • Clean all the surfaces
  • Release all the plugs and open the drain
  • Turn off all power and unplug the spa
  • Place the cover back on - be sure to lock it
Now your tub is ready for the Winter months.

Add a Cover Lifter

cover-rx-imageIf you have never owned a cover lift system now is the time to be thinking about one.  Most Nordic Hot Tub owners do a last drain and fill prior to the winter, this is a good time to purchase and install a cover lifter. 

The lifter will make life much easier in winter by allowing the cover to open, lift up and hang in place on the back side of the tub.  No fighting to set it to the side and no struggling to get it back on. 

We recommend the Cover RX by Cover Valet, this model has a plate that slides under the tub and requires no attaching to the cabinet.