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What is My Topside Control Trying to Tell Me?

Posted in Tips & Tricks

2017 Topside NewStyle OldStyle Watermarked
The topside control on your Nordic Hot Tub is displaying something unusual, what does it mean?
What should you do?

For a list of Common Topside Control Codes:
CLICK HERE if you have a Single Pump System (All-In-110, Classic Round, Modern Series or Sport Edition).
CLICK HERE if you have a Dual Pump System (Luxury Series).

If you have gone through the basic steps and the control is still displaying a code, call your dealer for service.

Tips & Tricks is a series of blog posts to help Nordic Hot Tub Owners navigate hot tub ownership.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnostic and repair guide nor can it be regarded as a maintenance guide.  If you have questions about your Nordic Hot Tub, call your Nordic Dealer and request to speak with their Service Technician.