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Deep Cleaning Your Hot Tub Filter

Posted in Tips & Tricks

Filter removing from housing SM
A clean filter will help keep your hot tub water clean, clear and ready to use!  Proper cleaning of your hot tub filter will also lessen strain on the hot tub equipment.  Just like an air filter in your car or the filter in your home furnace, the cleaner your hot tub filter is, the better everything works.  If you are experiencing error codes or the hot tub doesn't seem to have the  jet force it once did, start by thoroughly cleaning the filter.

A typical hot tub filter cartridge is made from a pleated or folded fabric with millions of microscopic pores through which water flows. The job of this filter is to keep your hot tub water clean by catching debris and oily contaminants before they circulate into your pump or recycle into your water.  Over time the filter pores can become 'full' or clogged and will need to be cleaned.

Rinsing the filter cartridge with a garden hose is a good way to remove large or loose debris, like leaves and dirt.  However, rinsing is only a superficial cleaning and will not remove oils embedded in the fabric of the filter.  To thoroughly clean the filter, use a Filter Cleaner product made specifically for the job as it will dissolve the buildup of oils and greases.

Our recommendation is to chemically clean the filter cartridge every 4-6 weeks.  This will clear the pleated fabric of debris and trapped oils and allow the filter to work more efficiently.  While every 4-6 weeks is an optimum cleaning schedule, at the very minimum you should chemically clean your hot tub filter every time you drain and refill your hot tub, which we reommend doing at least twice a year.  As with every chemical you use in your hot tub, please read and follow the instruction printed on the Filter Cleaner container.

It's a good idea to have a second filter cartridge for your hot tub.  We recommend this for two reasons: 

First, you should let your filter dry completely between cleaning and replacing it into your hot tub.  This allows the fibers in the pleated material to dry out and rest before being used again.

Second, it will allow you to continue to safely operate and enjoy your hot tub while the other filter is being cleaned.

Remember, the average life expectancy of a filter cartridge is 2-3 years.  Replacement may be necessary if your hot tub continues to have issues even after cleaning.  A good visual reference as to when to replace the filter is when the band separeting the filter pleats falls off.

As always, if you have questions about your hot tub or maintenance, don't hesitate to ask your Nordic Dealer.

docxClick Here to download our Step By Step Filter Cleaning Guide.

Tips & Tricks is a series of blog posts to help Nordic Hot Tub Owners navigate hot tub ownership.  This is not intended to be a comprehensive diagnostic and repair guide nor can it be regarded as a maintenance guide.  If you have questions about your Nordic Hot Tub, call your Nordic Dealer and request to speak with their Service Technician.