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Features: Mood Lighting Package

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MLP Sidewall Light 1908Pictured: LED Sidwall/Footwell LightMood Lighting Package (MLP™)

Artists use color to set the mood in their paintings.  Film makers and theatrical producers use color extensively to create a mood in films and plays. They know that combinations of color depict different moods.  We know that in the hot tub industry as well!

Lighting in a hot tub can be purely functional, such as it’s important to see where you are going while entering or exiting the water.  However, using LED lights to give the water an ethereal glow of soft, gently transitioning color can visually enhance your hot tub experience.  It creates a calming mood and helps you relax and fully enjoy the benefits of hot water therapy.

Our Mood Lighting Package (MLP™) includes LED sconce lights on the exterior corners of the cabinet. These lights not only illuminate the way but help set a serene mood around your hot tub.  An LED footwell or sidewall light (placement depends on the tub model) creates the beautiful glow from within the water. 

MLP™ is available as an optional upgrade on select “All-In” 110V Series hot tubs, on all Classic Series hot tubs and the Bella MS.

Make sure to add the MLP™ package when you order your new Nordic Hot Tub!

Pictured below: LED Cabinet Sconce Light.Sconce Blue 0768 crop