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Features: Blue Tooth Stereo

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Stereo Grighter DetailPictured: in.Stream2 Blue Tooth Stereo System speaker installed in
Charcoal Permawood Cabinet.
Think about what relaxes you. 

Things that come to mind are water sounds, soft lights, massage, soft music.  Got you thinking, didn’t it?

Well, did you know that you can have ALL those things in a Nordic Hot Tub?

Turn on your Nordic Hot Tub and hear the soothing sounds of water.  The MLP™ or NLP™ lighting packages allow you to softly light your hot tub.  Our DTS™ water therapy system will give you the optimum in hydrotherapy massage.

WAIT….what about music?

Oh, yes…we have that too! If you order your tub with our in.Stream2™ Blue Tooth Stereo System, you can stream your favorite music while you are relaxing in your hot tub.  Pick your favorite play list or opt for your favorite radio/streaming station.  Does it get any better than this?

You don’t have to limit yourself to playing your music only when you are in your Nordic Hot Tub.  You can stream your favorite music through the in.Stream2™ Blue Tooth Stereo System anytime you are around your hot tub.  It’s a great option for backyard dinner parties, kid’s parties or any event! 

To order your new Nordic Hot Tub with our in.Stream2™ Blue Tooth Stereo System option, call your local dealer.  To find a dealer in your area click here.

The in.Stream2™ Blue Tooth Stereo System is available in in all Nordic Hot Tub Models except the All-In 110 or Bella models.