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Features: Nordic Wrap

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NordicWrap 1872 SmallPictured: Nordic Wrap before panels are installed.Why would I want to put Nordic Wrap Insulation in my hot tub?  Isn’t it already insulated?

The answer is YES! We insulate all our hot tubs with a rigid, closed cell, 2 pound density foam which is sprayed to a 3 to 4 inch thickness onto the exterior of the hot tub shell.  This helps hold your hot tub temperature beautifully throughout the year in most of the country.  However, if you live in a colder climate Nordic Wrap provides an additional layer of insulation to help protect your hot tub from the rigors of the low temps.

Nordic Wrap provides an additional 9.5 R-Value to the already substantial 7 R-Value per inch of our sprayed foam insulation.  In adding this layer of protection, Nordic Hot Tubs meet or exceed the stricter Title 20 Appliance Efficiency Regulations as mandated by California’s Energy Commission.  (

Ok, so what is Nordic Wrap?

Our Nordic Wrap is an eco-friendly, 2-1/2” thick fiberglass blanket which provides our hot tubs with added insulation, when ordered as the upgrade option. This durable, weather resistant vapor barrier is made from a triple-ply laminate of white polypropylene film with a polyester film backing, and a tri-directional fiberglass scrim tear stopper. It’s similar to insulation you would use to blanket your home and is installed just inside of the cabinet, all the way around the tub to provide a complete thermal barrier to keep the warmth in and the cold out! Depending on the extremity of the seasonal temperature in your area, Nordic Wrap could even save you the cost of the upgrade within the first season of operation.

Order Nordic Wrap on your hot tub and enjoy greater heat retention and operating efficiency this winter!  You won’t see our Nordic Wrap but you will notice the difference in your utility bill!

Pictured Below: Nordic Wrap installed with access to components.

NordicWrap 1877