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Features: Stainless Steel Banding

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Stainless Steel Bands 2138 Sm w arrowsPictured: Stainless Steel Banding with  the fastener placement indicated.If you want a unique look to your hot tub, think about adding Nordic’s Stainless Steel Banding option to the cabinet when ordering your new hot tub.  

The Stainless Steel bands are made from 201 stainless steel and wrap around the exterior cabinet panels of the hot tub.  The look fits perfectly into settings ranging from natural, giving your tub the ‘old world’ look of soaking in a wine barrel, to a more modern aesthetic with clean, well-defined lines.

Stainless Steel Bands are an aesthetic addition not structural, as Nordic Hot Tubs are already built to strict structural standards.  But, does the banding help hold panels in place?  According to Nordic’s Engineering Department, the answer is “Yes, they can add some stability but they are truly considered ornamental.”

Recently, Nordic Hot Tubs made improvements to the way we attach the bands to the hot tub panels.  They are now secured by 4 stainless steel fasteners (2 per band) to hold the bands in place while servicing the hot tub.  This allows Service Technicians access to the interior of the cabinet without having to completely remove the bands.  The Service Tech only needs to remove the top and bottom bolts from each band, gently pull the band away from the cabinet and remove the access panel to work on the components.  After the work is complete, the access panel is easily set back into place, the bands are pushed back against the cabinet and the bolts are re-tightened.  

Consider adding Nordic’s Stainless Steel Banding to your round hot tub. The retro-modern look will blend perfectly into your backyard oasis!

If you are interested in more information on our Stainless Steel Bands, please contact your local dealer!  

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Pictured below:  Stainless Steel fasteners holding Stainless Steel bands on Black Permawood™ Cabinet.

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