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Features: Nordic's Exclusive DTS™

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What is DTS™ and how does it work?

DTS™ is Nordic’s Dual Therapy System.  While other spa manufacturers concentrate on pressure jets in the seats, Nordic’s DTS™ system compliments targeted pressure jets with true whirlpool therapy.  It is a mix of Direct Pressure Massage and High Volume Whirlpool Therapy which is a gentler, whole body therapy.

Direct Pressure Massage:

Nordic sets the standard for direct pressure jet therapy by strategically placing jets for maximum therapy, ergonomics and style.  All Nordic Star™ jets are fully adjustable for water volume control and precision jet therapy. We use a combination of multiple jet sizes (1”, 3”, 5”) and strategically place them within the hot tub for optimum back, leg, foot, neck, palm/wrist, and hip massage. We also use different styles of jets to offer pinpoint, directional, pulsating, and rotational water therapies.

Whirlpool Therapy:

Whirlpool Therapy is achieved with high volume circular flow over the entire body which provides indirect pressure. This increases blood circulation, loosens tense and tightened muscles encouraging relaxation.  As muscle groups relax, lactic acid will dissipate from the muscle lining reducing swelling and soreness. This directly increases healing within your muscles and joints. With these benefits it’s no wonder why Whirlpool Therapy is exclusively used by professional sports trainers in locker rooms, by doctors and physical therapists offering water therapy.

How does this benefit me?

Direct Pressure Massage targets specific areas and muscle groups. True Whirlpool Therapy is the most effective and efficient form of hydrotherapy.  Simply soaking in hot water is therapeutic. Soaking in a tub with direct pressure jetting is more therapeutic. BUT, soaking in a tub with true whirlpool action is the most inclusive form of hydrotherapy.

Do I have to special order it?

You do not have to special order DTS™!  Whether you order a square or round, rectangle or triangle, Nordic’s engineers have designed DTS™ hot water flow patterns into every Nordic Hot Tub.

What is the advantage?

Nordic’s DTS™ offers superior hot water therapy in every tub.  This means you receive the ultimate hot water therapy EVERY TIME you use your Nordic Hot Tub.  It’s by design, it’s exclusive to Nordic Hot Tubs and it’s what we do best!  Don’t settle for anything less!

To find out more about Nordic Hot Tubs and our exclusive DTS™, contact your local dealer.  
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Pictured: Nordic's powerful Whirlpool Jet in action.2017 Water Jet 6x4 150dpi