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Unplug This Weekend!

Posted in Backyard Living

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It's the Holiday Weekend!  YAY!!!

What are your plans? Vacation? Staycation? Yardwork? Day Trip? Family Time?

Whatever your plans we hope it is wonderful and it includes a relaxing session in your Nordic Hot Tub!

And, we encourage you to make it even better.....unplug from your technology!

Leave your phones, tablets and devices in the house.  Enjoy a great time together spending time and talking to your family and loved ones.

Don't is great, that isn't the argument here!  However, all week long we are super connected with updates, emails, breaking news....the list goes on. Allow yourself a 'time out' from your technology and have a conversation with those around you.

This weekend we challenge you take a half hour, unplug from your mobile devices and 'plug in' to some family time!
It'll be alright! Promise!

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