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Potato on the Side

Posted in Backyard Living


Summer Backyard Livin' Grillin' isn't complete without great sides to complement your most-awesome-char-broiled main course!  

What is your favorite summer side? Something sweet?  Something tart? Cold? Warm?
A reliable go-to for many backyard grill masters is their favorite version of Potato Salad. It works well with most grilled entrees and is easy to keep if you have leftovers.  

Well, how about a grilled potato salad? That's right! Plunk some potatoes right on your favorite grill (charcoal or gas) and have a delectable, crispy, hot, potato salad within about 30 minutes! Squeeze lemon juice over the salad to enhance the flavors and you are golden!

Try this great recipe from our friends at Serious Eats!  

Pass the napkins, please!

grilled potato salad Serious Eats