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Backyard Living - Conversation Starters

Posted in Backyard Living

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We are SO connected these days!  But, while we are in constant contact through text, video chat, cell phones, and a myriad of other devices do we still have good, meaningful, fun, face-to-face, IRL conversations?  

When spending time in your hot tub with friends or family, unplug from the digital mayhem and take time to talk.  It may surprise you how much fun you will have!  Make the hot tub a 'digitaldevices-earbuds-headphones-free-zone' and tune in to each other!  

Conversation is fun and can flow easily. But, what if it doesn't or, what if you want something more than the same old conversations about weather or sports or.....whatever?  

Well, here are some great conversation ideas from Conversation Starters World!  Get to know someone with 200 Questions to jumpstart a conversation! You can make it even more fun (and daring) with a game of Would You Rather or Never Have I Ever!  

So, this weekend, enjoy your Nordic Hot Tub and some great conversation!!  You're welcome!

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