Single Pump - SW v41 - Operation Guide (square)

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Pump Operation Guide For Systems with Software v41 only.

Initial Start-up

Your spa will enter Priming Mode (Pr ) when it is energized.

During Priming Mode, press “Jets” button repeatedly and be sure the pump is free of air.

Priming Mode lasts less than 5 minutes. Press “Set” to exit. After Priming Mode, the spa will run in Standard Mode (see Mode section).

  • Pump 1 low-speed is responsible for heating and filtration and will be referred to simply as the pump.
  • In multi-button sequences, if the buttons are pressed too quickly in sequence, they may not register.
  • Low speed pump will run every 30 minutes from 2 to 5 minutes to check the tubs water

Temp Control (80°F - 104°F / 26°F - 40°F)

The last measured water temperature is constantly displayed. The water temperature displayed is current only when the pump has been running for at least 1 minute.

To display the set temperature, press “Set” once. To change the set temperature, press a temperature button again before the display stops flashing. This will either adjust the temperature up or down. Each press of “Set” will adjust the set temperature. After three seconds, the display will stop flashing and begin to display the current spa temperature.

In order to adjust the temperature the opposite way wait the 3 seconds for the spa to show the current spa temp and press the “Set” button again.


Press “Jets” to turn the pump on or off, and to shift between low and high speeds. If left running, the pump will turn off after a preset length of time of 2 hours for low speed and 15 minutes for high speed.

Low speed may run automatically at times, during which it cannot be deactivated from the panel, but high speed may be operated.

The ozone generator (if installed) will activate anytime low speed is running.


Press “Light” to operate the spa light. Turns off after 4 hours.


Mode is changed by pressing “Set” then “Light”.

Standard Mode maintains set temperature. St will be displayed momentarily when you switch into Standard Mode.

Economy Mode heats the spa to the set temperature only during filter cycles. Ec will display when water temp is not current, and will alternate with water temp when the pump is running.

Sleep Mode heats the spa to within 20°F/10°C of the set temperature only during filter cycles. SL will display when water temp is not current, and will alternate with water temp when the pump is running.

Preset Filter Cycles

The first preset filter cycle begins 6 minutes after the spa is energized.

The second preset filter cycle begins 12 hours later.

Filter duration is programmable for 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 hours.

The default filter time is 1 hour. To program, press “Set” then “Jets.” Press “Set” to adjust. Press “Jets” to exit programming.