Hot can I find where my hot tub is leaking?

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Question: My hot tub is 18 months old and it has a pretty serious leak. I can't really tell where it is coming from. Please advise!

Answer:  Here are a few things to do:  Use the dye method - Turn of the pump then, add dark food color to the water. Look for the location of the leaking water by looking for the dyed water (you may need a flashlight for the covered areas).  This method works well for a leak that may be large.

Another way is to let the water drop of its own accord.  When the water stops dropping, look around.  If, for example, the water stops leaking at a jet, then you have found your leak.

For fast leaks, determine the type of leak:
  • vessel leak (spa shell),
  • suction-side leak (before pump) or
  • pressure leak (after pump)
Fill the hot tub, then mark the water level with a crayon.  Let the tub run for 24 hours.  Then mark the new water level. Refill to first mark, and keep system off for 24 hours.  Again, mark to see how far the water has dropped.

If the water dropped the same amount on both tests, this means a vessel leak (blisters and most surface cracks and may only be cosmetic. If the water dropped more with system running, this indicates a pressure leak. And, if the water level dropped less with system running, it indicates a suction leak.