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Children-in-the-hot-tubPlanning for child safety is essential.  Also, if you are planning a party and children will be present, set the safety rules right up front for the adults as well as the children.
  • Cover Lock: Install a locking cover to prevent use by kids when you're not in attendance. Remember to lock the cover every time you get out of the tub.
  • No Children without Adults. Consider the hot tub a small pool.  A house rule where children never go in the hot tub without an adult being present.
  • Stay in the hot tub with small children.  A strong air and water jet may knock a child off balance - hold them.
  • Teens and Tweens: Explain clearly that horseplay, diving and splashing "OUT" - increase the volume of your voice :).  Supervise closely.  ZERO iPhones and any other electronics are not allowed unless it is an accessory to the Nordic Hot Tub.
  • Explain the rules before going into the tub.  Afterwards it has less impact and may be too late.
  • When kids get warm, their faces turn read.  Tell them to get out and sit on the edge until they've cooled down.
  • Keep water near.  Children are affected by dehydration sooner than adults.
  • Serve a snack or food - AFTER the soak NOT DURING.
  • No soap bubbles in the tub.  Be sure to never allow children to add anything to the tub without your permission.
  • Keep all spa chemicals locked up and out of reach.  Lock up the chemicals. 
Always think about safety with kids. Better safe than sorry.

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