Hot Tub Cover - first line of safety.

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A strong locking spa cover is the best protection for children in homes with spas or hot tubs. No matter what type of spa you have, there is a way to make it safer with the use of a cover.

More than 250 children age 1-4 have drowned in hot tubs and spas since the 1980's. Some became trapped on suction outlets, but most were not swimmers and fell into an open hot tub, and did not escape. As horrible as the numbers of drownings in spas are for children, the number of adults found dead in spas is double.

Lock your Hot Tub cover and secure with clips every time you cover it.  Never leave the Hot Tub unmonitored when the cover is off.  You will keep your spa safe with a simple practice of latching the spa cover clips.

For more protection use a Spa Cover Lock. Attach two heavy plates on the side of your spa cabinet, and use a padlock to secure the curved steel bar. Works with spa cover lifters to keep the spa cover pressed down on the tub, and prevent use of the spa cover lifter.

Used with a Hot Tub cover lifter, it also prevents being able to slide the cover off, in the other direction. If you have no spa cover lifter, two bars can be used, in opposite directions, to absolutely prevent hot tub cover removal.

The Hot Tub owner is responsible for keeping it safe. Even if you don't have children, you probably have neighbors and guests that do.  Trespassing acquaintances should also be considered.

Do your best to prevent an unwanted tragedy in your Hot Tub.

pdfRead the CDC's hot tub safety document.