Entertaining Safely

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How to entertain safetly in your Hot Tub.

Your Nordic Hot Tub can be the center for happy entertaining. Plan ahead to prevent accidents and injuries.  Make your hot tub party experience entertaining and enjoyable.

Guests are need to know the rules.  Explain safety precautions and point out how to enter it and the seats locations.

Food and drink are important when entertaining. Set specific areas away from the hot tub for drinks and food.  This will help prevent accidental slips or falls caused by spills near the tub or on your deck.  It will also help prevent food and drink ending up in your Hot Tub water.  When serving food or drink, be sure to use only unbreakable dishes and utensils.
Never use glass anywhere near the spa or hot tub.  A broken shard of glass is invisible in water and extremely difficult to get out.

Keep electrical appliances far away from the hot tub - and do not use extension cords. Use a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) on any appliance that must be near the spa or hot tub. Where possible, use battery operated appliances around the spa or hot tub. Electrocution is a real danger.

Use adequate lighting around your spa or hot tub at night.

Mixing alcohol with a hot tub do not mix.