Water Over Heating

Posted in Water Heater

In warmer weather we receive calls about tubs heating past the set point by several degrees.

Most cases are caused by the filter duration being set too high. Below are some tips to keep the spa running cooler in the warmer months. If you follow these tips, the spa will normally overheat only 1 or 3 degrees past the set point.

  1. if the spa is set to filter too many hours a day it can cause it to overheat. The filter duration should be set at F2 or F3. The duration is how many hours it will run the low speed pump to filter in a 12 hour period. When the pump is running it produces a lot of heat which is being absorbed by the spa
  2. you can also adjust when you want the filter cycle to run. The 1st 12 hour cycle starts 6 minutes after the power is turned on to the spa. You then can set the tub to run the cycles early morning and at night when the outside temperatures are cooler.
  3. the air controls should remain open in the warmer months to help circulate air into the water to help keep it cool. The air is pulled from inside the cabinet and will help cooler air circulate in. Keeping them closed in the colder months will help the energy efficiency
  4. using the Economy mode. Although you can not use this tip with tip #2 it works very well if it fits into your schedule. If you always use your spa the same time at night you can set the filter cycle to start a few hours before use. The spa will then be heated to the set point when you use it and it has the rest of the day to cool below the set point.