Keeping Your Hot Tub Water Clear

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Water Clarity Procedures for Nordic Hot Tubs

This is a guide following the warranty stated in the Nordic Hot Tub warranty.

CLEAN SHELL FIRST using a mild non-abrasive cleaner (use a “white” Teflon scrub pad if needed to assist in stubborn areas)

1. If using “ground” or “well” water, (do NOT use soft water!) a MINERAL or METAL Gone or Out product must be used on fill-up. (this is not an inhibitor product but a “gone” or “out” product. I recommend Leisure Time “Metal Gone”. The filter may need to be sprayed for a couple days as the minerals collect in the filter (even if not visible still spray)

2. Use ONLY a chlorine Di-Chlor granular product. When using with an ozonator, set the filtration cycle time at 8 to 12 hours a day AT FIRST. This is done on the “control panel” with a setting of either 4 or 8 indicating two 4 hour cycles or two 8 hour cycles. When the “tub” is done being used for the last time of each day it is USED, add 1-2 TABLESPOONS of the Di-Chlor chlorine. This will help the ozonator catch up to the sanitation needed and will also dissipate quickly not leaving a “chlorine” smell. Adjust cycle times according to your water performance.

3. Each day the tub is USED, the ph must be balanced. Again this is done AFTER the last time the tub is USED for that day. A “liquid drop” test kit that tests only chlorine and ph is recommended and needed. When testing the ph, be sure to add less than you think so if more is needed it can be added rather than “adding chemicals” to overcome “over-adding” chemicals. The chlorine test results ONLY need to show a “trace” Di-Chlor reading (if an ozonator is being used too). If an ozonator is NOT being used, the Di-Chlor reading should be in the range indicated by the test kit as correct.

4. From time-to-time, a “clarifier” and a “calcium inhibitor” are needed as a maintenance procedure. This is determined by the usage of your tub. The more it is used, the more “maintenance” chemicals needed.

This is only a guide.

Variances will occur depending on each individual situation.

This guide is recommended for 45 days on which YOUR formula and procedure will come together for YOUR tub and needs. Then your tub water maintenance will be easy and care-free.

*NOTE: This becomes easier when your formula is working. A period of time is needed (as the 45 days indicates) to get this correct.

Nordic Hot Tubs are made of a “poly blend” and differs from ALL the rest of the hot tubs typically on the market. Because of this advanced technology and material being used by Nordic Hot Tubs, “other” sanitation systems that require either what is said to be “no maintenance” or continual re-buying of something to get your water clear, is intended to sell more chemicals or products.

Nordic Hot Tub water maintenance is economical, affordable, unique and eventually simple. This is a tried and true guide proven to work EVERYTIME in a Nordic Hot Tub!